The Wyld Gourmet

The Wyld Gourmet

Enjoy your journey! 

 Field to Family


Enjoy your journey! 

 Field to Family

About Me


I was just raised this way

I am often asked "when did you start hunting?"  And when I reply that I just have all my life, I get rolled eyes, smirks and sometimes flat out questioned.  Well, In Montana that is often just how it is.  We are proud public land owners and we are proud conservationists.  Many of us who came from families that homesteaded from their native lands (Mine was mainly Norway) and have been here for generations.  Homesteaders are a tough crowd...No grocery stores, no laundry mats....they were hunters!  So, many generations later we have  hunting built into our heritage.  Yes, I have always hunted.  When I was little you had to go through the my bed room to get to the gun room in our NEVER occurred to me to enter that room unless we were going shooting or hunting, or maybe just loading shells or building a gun.   Those lessons were the first of many.  Just as with any first time shooter,  SAFETY is the most important and main objective of their mentors. 

My Grandparents raised me and my Grandpa taught me everything about shooting and hunting from a very young age  My Grandma, who I always called Mom, taught me how to sew on a treadle sewing machine and how to cook on a wood stove either in our Shasta camper (that I still have) or outdoors in a lean-to type shed.   I had an early and good start!!   Let the journey commence!!


Warriors, Come Out and Play..

Women are warriors!  Just mess with our family, our friends or our lively hood.   You'll see!

We can do more than we possibly could imagine.   When we come up against the impossible, we make it possible.

We are Survivors, we have stuff to do, kids to raise, life to live!   No time for the set backs.  

When a woman is given a new skill out of their zone of familiarity, they attack it head on with determination and pride of their accomplishments.   We ask questions, we laugh together, cry together and can sometimes get downright tribal!  These are good things.

So, let's take our Pride and Determinations, our Love and Laughter, our Skills and Knowledge and get our there and Hunt!

Hunt for our Heritage, Hunt for and with our families, Hunt for recreation and sport, Hunt for exercise, Hunt for Conservation!

Then come home with our successful bounties and make something beautiful for everybody to enjoy! 

 A TROPHY MEAL!!  From Skills to Skillet.


Why I Do It

 I hunt because it is in my heritage but I also love the journey.  I love getting up with family or friends and seeing all the other sleepy folks grabbing coffee and gas wearing their camo and orange.  The nods of affirmation and sharing the ever so coveted "sweet spot" of the day.....BTW we all lie! 

 I love the trek to the destination, whether the trip be quiet and thoughtful or boisterous with excitement.  It fuels my soul!  Then hearing the sounds we so hope to hear, the Bull Elk bugling and the cows and calves chirping or the turkeys affirming their presence by replying to the sound of a slamming's going to be a good day!  Whether there is a successful harvest or not.   It's a good day!

If the hunt is productive we get a little bit of exercise and and a good lesson in anatomy.  As a Biologist I am fascinated by the interal workings of all things living, much to the disturbance of many frends.  I can't just gut an animal, I have to dissect it too.

Retrieval is always interesting, it's either ridiculously easy or ridiculously difficult...that is a whole other story!

Once hung and aged, or sometimes not aged, we have more fun.  Whether you are by yourself or you have a crew attacking the processing of a harvest it is the most important to me.  I have ideas and I need things cut and packaged a certain way...don't be offended if I "tap in" and takeover those backstraps, you won't be disappointed.

Then there is the meal, the coveted Trophy Meal.  Which is what actually brought you here in the first place.....

Carry on!

Eat Wyld!

What's Happenin'?

The world is your Oyster....Here are some pearls!

07/27-08/01 2019

She Hunts skills camp


Record Buck Ranch Utopia, Texas

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07/27-08/01 2019

She Hunts skills camp

At this camp I will be demonstrating to the girls how to take their wild game from the field to family for a beautiful trophy meal and then back out of the fridge the next day for a great do over lunch.  Maybe a  Bruschetta with a blackberry balsamic reduction for an appetizer, Mini Wellingtons for dinner!  But then.....who knows what will happen.....maybe we'll change gears and go with the flow depending on their hunting successes!  Fry it and try it was interesting....Let's get Wyld!!


Record Buck Ranch Utopia, Texas

She Hunts Skills Class

Skills to Skillet!

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